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BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE

Product Troubleshooting and Support

BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE?is a?Microsoft Intune?app that is enabled for?BlackBerry Dynamics. It allows you to securely view, edit, and save documents using?Intune?managed?Microsoft?apps, such as?Microsoft Word,?Microsoft PowerPoint, and?Microsoft Excel?in?BlackBerry Dynamics?on?iOS?and?Android devices. The following are the features of?BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE.

Admin Guide

Learn about administering BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE.

User Guide - iOS

Learn about using BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE with your iOS device.

User Guide - Android

Learn about using BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE with your Android device.


Flexible learning options in different mediums and formats help you meet the objectives of your organization.


BlackBerry Admins manage your enterprise software and support without the need to pick up the phone. Search the enterprise knowledge base and documentation, view forums, as well as create or view support cases, download software and manage your licenses.

Premium Support

Do you have?Premium Support? Contact us 24x7x365. We offer quick response times and priority routing?to tier 3 analysts for businesses with?mission-critical needs.

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